Thursday, September 8, 2011

Legal Stationery

Engraved Stationery

Making an impression is very important, most especially if you are already in the professional circle. It is crucial that you build your image as one who only desires the best for clients. And how would you be able to convey this image? You can do this by making sure that anything that bears your name creates an impressive appearance. One definite way to bring out a positive and trustworthy image is to use an engraved stationery. You will surely notice the difference between a text and image, printed using the common office printer, and engraved ones.

You will notice that engraved stationery carries with it a class all its own. You will see a great deal of originality whenever you have engraved stationery. This could not be done anywhere but would require the expertise of engravers who have been in business for a long time already. There are engravers like Wells & Drew, who have managed to perfect their craft, and have been engraving for more than a century. These companies make sure that each piece of stationery exudes only the finest quality prints which would leave clients in awe.

Clients who receive the finest stationery from your office would always be impressed. It makes them feel special since you have gone the extra mile in preparing the stationery to be used. Since almost everyone today owns a printer at home, your client would be able to detect if you simply printed it using ordinary printer, and done rather haphazardly. This would create a bad feeling and could be a start of a loss of confidence. However, whenever you send any communication to clients, and every word is finely written on engraved stationery, it would definitely appeal to the heart. It would help in maintaining the client’s trust. The fine details of the stationery alone would be a reminder to your client that your firm is a formidable one. In fact, it even helps strengthen the attorney-client relationship, which is very important whenever you have just started with a new case, or are already in the midst of an arduous litigation.

Engraved stationery can be in the form of a letterhead, where the bold name of the firm could be found, or a business card, where your name would be intricately engraved. It could even be an envelope that secures a very important letter or a presentation folder that you would use to show clients where the case is heading. These stationeries could be anything. One thing that you can be assured of is that, these engraved stationeries would not fail in making a good impression to both new and old clients.

Engraved Business Cards

Engraved Business Cards

In the course of your professional life, there would always come a time that you would need to let others know about your abilities, that you exist, and that you could provide quality service for them. In order to be able to effectively market your capabilities, without literally telling other people how good you are, you could make sure that everything that bears your name would be associated with quality, elegance and professionalism. You can do this by making sure that you utilize quality stationery, especially your business cards. Among the various kinds of business cards available out there, you will surely stand out if you give clients and acquaintances engraved business cards. This would not only mean being able to leave a contact number, but ensuring that your name would be remembered every time.

Engraved business cards are not like ordinary business cards that are not very appealing, and often have a plain and simple look. These cards are meticulously crafted by the finest engravers, ensuring design and loveliness in every aspect.

Engraving is an old process, mastered through time. Not everyone could do this exquisite type of printing an image or a text, simply because it requires skill and the use of special machinery or equipment. This is the process by which a design is made on a flat surface, which is otherwise known as the printing plate. The plate is then used to create images on the paper. And, this process is what makes engraved business cards really special. 

Engraved business cards show ink raised on the paper. The effect on the business cards is simply stunning, you would not look for another type of business card again. The beauty of engraving really stands out compared to other ordinary business cards. Yes, you may create your own business cards using your own printer at home or at the office, but then, it would look – simply ordinary. There would not be an element of uniqueness on the card. The one who receives the card would not be able to retain a special image of the card in memory, since it would simply look like every other available card out there.

On the other hand, with engraved business cards, one look is all it takes for you to create a positive lasting impression that would make you a worthy name to remember. It may just be a card, but it could open doors that you would definitely benefit from.

Thursday, August 18, 2011



In the course of business, there would always be instances when you may not be able to personally meet the person whom you intend to do business with. Initial correspondence may simply be done through mails and other sorts of formalities. When this happens, it is with utmost importance that you make sure you give the right impression. And how will you be able to do this? You can do this by making sure that you make use of the right stationery.

You must be familiar with the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is so true in the world of business, especially whenever you would be sending out a “representative” from your office. Any form of correspondence would be acting on behalf of you. So do not regard a simple letter as a mere piece of paper, because it is actually you whom that paper embodies. Because of this, you have to be sure that the paper that you send succinctly defines you and your office.

Your business stationery should exemplify your qualities as a professional. It must strike an image of reliability and trustworthiness. The letterhead should be clean, with letters clearly printed, or better yet engraved for a more sophisticated and classy look. If you would be sending your business card as well, you also have to make sure that the card looks stunning. It must be crafted in a manner, wherein all it would take is one look, and the card itself could convince the recipient that the name it bears means business. The recipient must feel that he could trust and rely on the person that the card represents.

If you are sending out correspondence on behalf of your office, then you have to bear in mind that the image that would be reflected by the stationery would be that of your office. As a firm, you need to present reliability and trustworthiness in all of the correspondences that you make. Letterheads, envelopes and folders should likewise present an image of dependability.

While you may think that you could as well print your letterheads using your inkjet office printer, it is always best to have professionals make them, along with your other stationeries. The extensive experience of professional printers and engravers when it comes to creating the most excellent-looking business stationery will surely be reflected on their products. Using professionally created stationery, you would be able to reach the audience that you want. In turn, you and your business will gain the benefits.